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Bollywood celebrity couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were blessed with a daughter only a month back. Raha (Ranbir and Alia’s daughter) filled the life of Kapoors with happiness. While the initial days were all about celebrating parenthood for the celebrity couple, Ranbir now has revealed his biggest insecurity regarding children.

Born on Sept 28, 1982, Ranbir already has stepped into his 40th year. And, he turned father at this age. Expressing his concerns and insecurities, the Brahmastra actor said that when his kids turn 20 years old, he would turn 60 by then. 

“Will I be able to play football with them? Run with them?” said Ranbir.

However, he also went on to add that it’s definitely a joy that he has never experienced.

Well, Ranbir’s concerns and reasons for feeling insecure are quite obvious as when humans normally turn 60, they start losing strength. Gradually, the growing age takes a toll and people most often start complaining about different health issues. 

If not a celebrity, Ranbir has valid reasons for speaking about such a topic. Normally, 60 is the age of retirement and people start leading a new phase of life. Undeniably, when people step into their retirement age but their children are yet to initiate their professional careers, it would be a major concern for many. 

But, as a Kapoor, Ranbir must have inherited all other features and characteristics from his ancestors, who have time and again proven that age is just a number. There is no particular age to live and enjoy life.

Parenting duties vs Ranbir and Alia

Ranbir and Alia are both successful actors with multiple movies in the pipeline. Certainly, with such a busy schedule, it would be difficult for both of them to continue their work flawlessly and carry out their parenting duties. 

When Ranbir was asked about it, he disclosed his plans so that their parenting duties don’t get affected while they are busy at work. 

Ranbir and Alia have decided to divide their duties as parents. 

Ranbir said that he does not work a lot. It is only about 180-200 days in a year that he is working. 

Further, he also added that Alia on the other hand does a lot more work and is way more busier but he knows that they will balance it out.

“Maybe I'll take a break when she's working, or she can, when I am out for work,” said Ranbir.

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