Cassian Baliarsingh

Fashionista Urfi Javed welcomed the New Year 2023 in a grand way with her friends. However, a police complaint against her on New Year has only added to her already existing woes.

The social media sensation took to her Twitter handle to reveal that a police complaint was filed against her on New Year. Maharashtra BJP leader Chitra Wagh has filed a police complaint against Urfi.

Chitra reportedly met the Mumbai police commissioner on New Year demanding action against Urfi for roaming on the streets of Mumbai wearing revealing outfits.

Chitra Wagh later tweeted, “Met Mumbai’s honourable Commissioner of Police and also met the Joint Commissioner Law and Order and demanded immediate legal action to be taken against who roams the streets of Mumbai exhibiting a lewd and lascivious display of her body in public places.”

Urfi also took to her Twitter handle to slam Chitra Wagh and wrote, “Started my new year with another police complaint from another politician! Bc asli kaam nahin hai in politicians k pass? Are these politicians, lawyers dumb?”

“There is literally no article in the Constitution that can be put on me to send me to jail. The definition of vulgarity, nudity defers from person to person. Unless my (private parts) are seen, you can’t send me to jail. These people are only doing this for media attention,” she added.

“I got some better ideas for you Chitra Wagh, how about doing something against humanity trafficking and sex trafficking in Mumbai which is still very much there. How about shutting those illegal dance bars which are still very much there. How about something against illegal prostitution which again exists everywhere in Mumbai,” her tweet read.

While a section of netizens came out in her support, others also blamed her for excess vulgarity.

“More power to you dear Urfi,” a user wrote, while another commented, “Queen! Chitra Wagh is too frustrated and has no real work.”

Another user wrote, “Tell, Chitra Wagh to file case against Kangana Ranaut first.”