Cassian Baliarsingh

Since last week, the Ollywood has been abuzz with the news of actor Manoj Mishra being banned from the Odia film industry for two years. Support has been pouring in from all quarters for the actor ever since producers called for his boycott.

After Congress, now BJP expressed solidarity with the actor and demanded the immediate lifting of the ban.

“The ban on actor Manoj Mishra clearly shows the attitude of coastal people towards western Odisha. The whole controversy started after Manoj Mishra’s film ‘Mind Game’ did well both in Odisha and became critically acclaimed both in the national level. So, I condemn the ban put on him and request the producers to immediately revoke it,” BJP MLA Nauri Nayak said.

“Most importantly, Kuna Tripathy who is also from western Odisha, has remained silent all this while. The matter would not have escalated this far if he had intervened and solved it at the earliest. So, I want to send a message to Kuna Tripathy, if he really is from western Odisha and loves the people, then he should immediately resolve the issue,” he added.

Earlier, BJP MLA Mukesh Mahaling also had demanded the revocation of the ban on the actor. He lambasted actor Anubhav Mohanty and the ruling BJD and asked them to learn something from PM Modi under whose leadership Odia artists have won the Padma Shri Awards.

On the other hand, actor Jitu Mangaraj has accused Manoj Mishra of sowing the seed of hatred in the Odia film industry.

“Western Odisha has produced so many talented actors and the industry is proud of them all. I respect them all. I have never spoken a word against western Odisha. So, I request Manoj Mishra not to divide the state for his own personal gains,” Jitu said.

“If proven wrong, I will beg apology to all the people of Odisha and fans. The matter will be solved if ego is put aside,” he added.

No comments could be obtained from Manoj Mishra in this regard.