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The big moment of KGF Chapter 2 release is inching closer with each passing day. After days of silence, Hombale Films, the production company of the upcoming cult flick, on February 28, teased the KGF lovers and fans of Yash with another exciting announcement. Though, the makers haven't yet made it clear, they have confirmed to make the big declaration soon.

KGF 2 is slated to release on April 14 and ahead of the big day, the makers might drop the official trailer anytime, as expected.

On one side, fans of the Kannada Rocking Star are waiting to witness Rocky Bhai's clash with Adheera, Inayath Khaleel, Ramika Sen and other government officials. Even everyone is excited to watch Rocky taking over Narachi and building his empire. On the other side, many are waiting to explore more about the antagonist Adheera. 

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has already proven his on-screen devilish side by portraying villainous characters in numerous hit movies like Khalnaayak (Baalu), Vaastav (Raghu), Agneepath (Kancha) and Panipat (Ahmed Shah Abdali), to name a few. 

However, as said by Sanju baba himself, Adheera is more wicked and sinister than all other such characters played by him till now. Fans expect the clash between Adheera and Rocky would certainly be a treat to watch. 

Movie lovers have already got the glance of Adheera's look from posters. However, recently, the on-set pictures of Adheera have gone viral on social media. 

Though, the Agneepath actor's face is not revealed in the pictures, he is seen in Adheera's costume with a sword in his hands and looks even more menacing and dirtier than before. In the stills Sanju baba could be seen sitting with his sword in his hands. 

Rocky Bhai Says KGF 2 Not For Kids

Meanwhile, recently, reports circulated that KGF helmer Prashanth Neel and Yash have decided to tone down the violence in KGF 2 to make it friendlier for young fans of the Rocking Star. However, Yash has quashed such rumours. 

As Yash said, there will be almost double the action of KGF 1 in the sequel. 

"Everything is bigger in the sequel that includes the action scenes. So, the fights are going to be bloodier, more brutal and prolonged," Yash was quoted as saying. 

Further, Yash went on to add, "Don't forget there is the Bollywood action star Sanjay Dutt opposite me this time. With Dutt and his brawn power, am I supposed to just hang around doing nothing?"

There are two major hand-to-hand combats between Adheera and Rocky and both the scenes will be very violent.

Under such a light, Yash has stated that KGF 2 is not a film for kids. The Kannada actor has promised that he would be doing a film, especially for kids in the near future.

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