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Sangati Jogwar

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  • Kashika Kapoor has been selected as MOCO of the international video game FREE FIRE.
  • The budding actress believes that she is a born actor and for her acting classes are fun.

Telly actress Kashika Kapoor is now officially the face of the international video game FREE FIRE as MOCO. According to insider sources, the actress has been going through rigorous training for long hours every day with the team of famous action director and the host of stunt-based reality show Khatraon Ke Khiladi 11-Rohit Shetty.

Reportedly, she had to learn the stunts for her character as MOCO in FREE FIRE. Even though all that training left her bruised each day, Kashika Kapoor continued with the practice. The game has already hit more than 2 million views in less than 21 hours as it starts trending in India. Kashika is a trained actress who studied professional acting in a prestigious academy in New York and is also a very good Kathak dancer.

While the primary aim of the Adalaat actress has always been to do good movies and make a big career in Bollywood, this opportunity to be MOCO in FREE FIRE is also a big one. Reportedly, she has been eyeing a Kollywood debut for some time.

Earlier in an interview, the famous model had said that nobody can teach a person acting and the acting workshops are just a way of practicing acting and making an artist consistent. This young talent from Mumbai, without any filmi background, believes that she is a born actor and is confident of doing good in the entertainment industry.

For the unversed, FREE FIRE is a mobile game in which survival ultimately depends on who is the best shooter. In each game of 10 minutes, the player is placed on a remote island and is pitted against 49 players all of whom are fighting for survival. The game includes everything that such adventure-based mobile games are known for such as hiding in the wild, fighting to stay in the safe zone, driving vehicles, killing the opponents and more.

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