Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Devika slams Anupamaa for playing the traditional bechari woman.
  • Fans loved the fierce avatar of Devika who encouraged Anu to work with Anuj Kapadia.

Anuj Kapadia is head over heels in love with Anupmaa despite being away from her for the last 26 years. Now, he is back in her life as the saviour who is eager to sort out her problems and offers her a partnership. But as expected, Vanraj and Kavya are dead against it and do not want Anu to sign the deal. They say a lot of malicious things to her which demoralises Anu. Even Baa, who once backed Anu when Vanraj decided to divorce Anupamaa, has now taken the side of Kavya and Vanraj.

This breaks down the heart of Anu and she decides to turn down the business proposal from Anuj Kapadia. But this time, Devika is very angry with Anu’s decision and she just slams Anupamaa for her decision to give in to the whims of the Shah family.

Devika is very fierce when she shows Anu the mirror of her mother-in-law, ex-husband, and his wife. Devika slams Anu saying that stop being a bechari and if her son Toshu does not agree just slap him hard.

Devika further says that the biggest problem of traditional Indian women is that they will love their entire family but when it comes to loving themselves it will be like death for them.

According to Devika, such women will keep on complaining that they never got the right opportunity but when the opportunity knocks on their door, they will prefer it over their family.

Even Babuji gets disheartened with the way Vanraj, Kavya, Baa, and the others in Shah Family slammed Anupamaa maliciously for planning to work with Anuj Kapadia.

And, fans simply loved this fierce avatar of Devika who introduces Anu to the truth and encourages her to move on and sign the deal with Anuj Kapadia.

All the Anupamaa fans want her to move ahead and start working with Anuj defying the traditional norms of a housewife and have showered praises on Devika for supporting Anu strongly.

The strong chemistry between Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna as Anu and Anuj respectively has already won the hearts of the fans.

Now that Anu will be working with Anuj, there will be more of their scenes together and fans are eagerly waiting for them.