Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Money Heist returns with its fifth part and lives up to the expectations.
  • New series like Sex Education and Midnight Mass are the surprise packages of September.

With theaters still remaining unopened in many parts of India or opening with only 50% of their capacity, OTT has become the number one mode of entertainment during the Corona pandemic. Just like the Indian web series and movies, Indian fans are also very much interested in watching Hollywood releases. So what to watch this September on OTT?

Money Heist Part 5 Volume 1

The criminal Spanish story revolves around “The Professor” who is the mastermind behind the biggest heist in the history of mankind. His plan is to print duplicate Euros in billions in Spain’s Royal Mint with the help of his 8-member team. The last four parts received overwhelming responses and now the first installment of the fifth part is out on Netflix.

The second installment of Money Heist Part 5 will release in December this year. In the recently released installment, The Professor unveils his plan to rob the Bank of Spain.

Lucifer Season 6

This web series started in 2016 is about a DC Comics-based character that transforms from a playboy to a caring person and eventually becomes God. His transformation and struggle unveil a roller coaster ride that includes fights, romance, drama, and confusion. The sixth and final season has already been released on Netflix on 10 September and is a must-watch during weekends.

Sex Education

The show moves around sex education but smoothly hints at and unravels the issues youngsters especially teenagers face during their high school days. Its story revolves around Otis-a a high school student whose mother is a practicing sex therapist. Hence discussions regarding sex are openly carried out in their family.

Sex Education also throws light on other related aspects like LGBTQ Community, assaults on females, and more. Sex Education Season 3 will release on Netflix on 17th September.

Dear White People Season 4

The web series is all about how discrimination gets rooted in the minds of young people from childhood. It depicts the problems black people face. While the topic is serious it has been presented with a lace of satire which makes watching Dear White People fun. Its fourth and final season is slated to release this September on 22nd on Netflix.

Midnight Mass Season 1

It is an unsettling horror story spread into seven episodes. This new web series is sure to give you goosebumps as it has been helmed by Mike Flanagan, who earlier presented the spine-chilling project The Haunting of Hill House. In Midnight Mass, the story will revolve around a small island community that starts experiencing frightening omens after a charismatic priest arrives in the isolated place. It will release on Netflix on 24th September.