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  • Rashmika Mandanna went live yesterday on social media and answered the questions of her fans.
  • A user asked her to marry him to which Rashoo replied in an interesting way.

Rashmika Mandanna was live on Instagram yesterday evening and as expected fans were quite excited to get in touch with their Southern diva.

Rashoo started the session lamenting the fact that it has been a long time since she has got in touch with her fans and explained that she was out of touch just because she was traveling continuously and working with some great people.

The actress confirmed that currently she is in Hyderabad and she has completed shooting for a few films including Mission Majnu and is now shooting for Pushpa: The Rise with Allu Arjun.

One of the users called her beautiful and gorgeous and then asked her to marry him. Instead of getting annoyed, the Dear Comrade actress took it coolly and made some typical expressions and said, “Hmm. Interesting.”

When another user asked her, “When are you meeting me?” Rashmika cheekily replied 'first let me have some time for myself, at least two days.

Rashmika even complained that she does not even get to meet her friends nowadays.

A user also called her heart crush to which she reacted with her typical heart gesture that Rasmika Mandanna has made so popular.

While discussing her movies, the Southern star said that although she is doing some good movies, she is wondering as to when these flicks will release.

Rashmika also shared that now that Aura is a big grown-up and her health is also good, she takes her to the shooting. Rashoo’s love for Aura is quite well known and it was expected that one day or the other she will start taking her dearest pet on shoots with her.

Answering several other questions, the Top Tucker sensation said that she has never been to Odisha but would like to visit it someday.

Talking about her new projects, Rashmika said that she is working on some interesting ones with new ideas and stories but as of now she cannot reveal much.

She even promised her fans that hopefully soon they will have a fan meet but all will depend on the Corona situation.

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