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  • Malaika Arora is a trained jazz, and Bharatnatyam dancer.
  • As she turns a year older today, here are some interesting things about her journey.

Malaika Arora turns 49 today. She has been the scintillating diva of Bollywood ever since she mesmerized movie buffs with her moves and grooves with Shah Rukh Khan in Chal Chaiyya Chaiyaa. Her first dance was enough for the critics to understand that Malla is a highly talented dancer who can not only burn the dance floor but also add that extra elegance and sass to every dance number.

Well known item girl of Bollywood

Over the years this dancing queen has given several big hits but Munni Badnam Hui remains the most iconic one and even today she is referred to by the nickname Munni. Apart from her Bollywood assignments, Malaika has always been a class-apart model, and her every stride on the ramp has been acknowledged with lots of clapping and whistles.

From divorce to romance with Arjun Kapoor

In the last few years, Malaika has been more in the news for her divorce from Arbaaz Khan and her love life with Arjun Kapoor who is much younger than her. But the speculations and criticisms from the gossipmongers have failed to deter the romance of Malaika and Arjun and even after being in a relationship for the last few years, they are still going strong as a couple.

Malaika was tomboyish when young

The glamorous image of Malaika is quite different from what she imagined for herself in her younger days. During childhood, she was more of a tomboyish type and never used to like girly things like ornaments and dressing to look beautiful. So, this transition from a tomboy to a stunning diva is certainly quite incredible.

Bollywood was never on her list

Young Malaika aspired to become a teacher and that is why during her schooling she started taking interest in learning child psychology. But she got a good break as a VJ of MTV shows like Club MTV, Style Check, and Love Line and from then on people from the world of entertainment started noticing her.

Chaiyya Chaiyya changed her life but it was a difficult dance

The dance number choreographed by Farah Khan was shot on top of a running train. As a security measure, Malaika was tied by a rope but since the rope was tied tightly around her it left her bleeding.

Malaika started learning dancing as a toddler

The fitness freak started learning dancing when she was just a toddler and has taken lessons in jazz, ballet, and Bharatnatyam. And that is why she is good at both Indian classical and Western dancing.

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