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  • Shah Rukh Khan is known as a very humble and good gentleman.
  • Recently uncle of Gauri Khan revealed a side of the Bollywood superstar unknown to many.

Shah Rukh Khan is known as a super polite man who is very humble and down to earth. Both his fans and his colleagues and even co-actors inspired by him have told infinite times that SRK as a man is very genuine, well-mannered, and decent. Time and again his emotional outburst has come out in the open but such incidences have been very less since he started his career more than three decades ago.

So just like his PR strategies for movies is this image of Shah Rukh Khan crafted by his corporate executives or is the Pathaan actor really a good human being? One incident that was narrated by an uncle aka Mama of Gauri Khan reveals a side of the Bollywood superstar which has been unknown to many who do not know him closely.

The clip shows him saying, “Gauri is my niece, my eldest sister’s daughter. I gifted her a dog. It was a Chinese Pekinese dog. And Shah Rukh also started loving that dog and was very loving towards the dog. Shah Rukh was out shooting and something happened to the dog and it died in Shah Rukh’s absence. The boys working in the house took the dog, wrapped it in some cloth, and took it to the sea shore, dug a grave, and buried it.”

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Gauri’s uncle added, “Shah Rukh came in the midnight. He asked about the dog. The servants in the house said that he died. Then he asked where has he been buried and then they showed him the place. At 2.30 at night he woke up the boys, dug the grave, brought the dead dog home, put him in the backyard, and made some sign there. And he cried also. He said how dare you throw our dog like this. It has to be with us whether dead or alive.”

Gauri Khan's uncle shares a touching story about SRK and his dog. Never knew this side of him.
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According to him, despite SRK being such a busy man he did that which says a lot about how great Shah Rukh Khan is as a human being.