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News Highlights

  • Maintaining a healthy weight is necessary for living a healthy life.
  • But opting for crash diets have proved disastrous for many Bollywood celebs.

Maintaining a healthy weight is necessary for living a healthy life. And there is nothing wrong with cutting down on calories if you are overweight. But this fad of losing weight to have a sharp jawline or to fit into the latest trending dresses that demand you to be pencil-thin is very unhealthy.

Unfortunately, it is not only the youngsters who copy the celebrities and their diets to look thin but even big celebrities themselves who succumb to the peer and industry pressures and opt for such crash diets.

And many of these celebs have suffered a lot due to such unhealthy lifestyles and a few have even vowed never to try it again. The way Boney Kapoor recently revealed Sridevi’s obsession with staying slim and doing crash diets has once again brought to the fore the seriousness with which these inclinations towards fad diets should be taken into consideration.

Sridevi as Boney said often used to fast, skipped meals, and avoided adding salt to the diet despite strong advice from the doctors. As a result due to low blood pressure died in a bathtub.

When Kareena fainted during the shooting of Tashan

Kareena Kapoor Khan and her zero-figure fetish during the shooting of Tashan were highly highlighted. The actress worked very hard to achieve that figure and had become so slim that even her dad Randhir Kapoor was worried for her. More than that, she even fainted on the sets of Tashan due to the strict diet she followed to maintain that figure. Eventually, she learned a lesson and since then has vowed never to try for a zero-figure or crash diet.

Katrina Kaif sipped just ice during the shooting of Kala Chasma

Katrina Kaif lost oodles of weight for her role as Suraiya in Thugs of Hindostan and had to face some serious issues like tiredness and dehydration. People do not know how far these celebs go to look sharp, bright, and slim on the screen. During one of the Koffee with Karan episodes, Sidharth Malhotra revealed that Kats used to just sip ice all through the day to look sharp during the shooting of the Kala Chasma song which is quite a drastic way of making your face look sharp and to keep the body away from bloating.

SRK suffered from dehydration during Om Shanti Om

Shah Rukh Khan took off the shirt for the first time in Om Shanti Om for the song “Dard E Disco” for which he had to develop six-pack abs. And to ensure that all through the shooting his abs looked toned he drank less water to avoid bloating and eventually faced fatigue and dehydration issues.