Poonam Singh

After concluding their docu-series, BTS treated fans to a special glimpse into their thoughts on individual pursuits with the release of 'BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star Art Clip Part 3.' In this poignant 1-minute clip, RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook candidly shared their reflections on the next phase of their careers as idols, exploring the possibility of solo projects and personal growth.

The clip, unveiled on January 15th on the group's official account, captures a collective dialogue among the BTS members. V expressed his longstanding view of BTS as a unified entity, emphasizing the importance of the group over individual identities. Jimin stressed the significance of personal reflection in charting BTS's future path, advocating for solitary moments to aid each member in navigating their respective journeys.

J-Hope acknowledged the challenges of transitioning from a close-knit group to solo endeavors, recognizing the potential difficulties but also the opportunities for self-discovery. Jungkook seized the moment as an opportunity to uncover his identity and distinctive artistic colors. Jimin encouraged a bold approach, urging, "Let's just go for it. Since we haven't gone through anything like that before, let's just go for it."

SUGA perceived this period as a valuable chance for self-discovery, asserting the importance of learning more about themselves as individuals. The clip concludes with the members expressing heartfelt gratitude to their devoted fan base, the ARMY, recognizing them as their biggest voice.

The video serves as a continuation of the BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star docu-series, which officially announced the group's decision to take a collective break in 2022 and focus on individual activities. This revelation occurred during a FESTA dinner where the members engaged in casual banter, reminiscing about their journey and announcing their plans for the next chapter.