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  • Archana Puran Singh has now reacted to trolls asking her to vacate her place in TKSS Sidhu.
  • The veteran actress has stated that she will happily leave the show for Sidhu.

The upheaval in Punjab politics involving former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu has made an indirect impact on The Kapil Sharma Show’s regular guest Archana Puran Singh. She has been regularly teased by the actors on the show for snatching the place of Sidhu. Now that the cricketer-turned-politician has stepped down from a prominent place in the Congress Party, netizens started showering memes hinting that he may soon return to The Kapil Sharma Show and Archanji will be left with no work.

Usually, Archana simply laughs out at such jokes and jibes and even this time she picked up her favourite meme out of all. But when the trend continued for more than a day, the veteran actress thought it better to come out with her side.

Now, the Jalwa actress has reacted to these trolls and rumors. During a recent interview, the famous anchor of Lux Kya Scene Hai revealed that over the last couple of years, she has left a lot of good projects for TKSS as they needed her to shoot abroad in different locations. According to Archana, she shoots for two days a week for this popular comedy show which is why she has been unable to commit dates at stretch to any other projects.

The actress also said that she has to sit in the same position and at the same angle on her seat for 6 to 7 hours which is quite a tough task. So, if Sidhu does show his interest in returning to The Kapil Sharma Show, Archana Puran Singh will be happy to vacate her place and move on with other good projects that she has not been able to do due to her involvement in TKSS.

While Sidhu’s Shayari and style like 'thoko tali' have been missed by many, viewers have also grown fond of Archana Puran Singh after Sidhu’s abrupt exit from the show.

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