Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Anuj and Vanraj get intoxicated in a restaurant and dance together.
  • Anupamaa overhears Anuj confessing his love for her to Vanraj.

Anu and Anuj are in Mumbai for work. A jealous Vanraj cannot hold himself and along with his wife, Kavya follows the duo to Mumbai. When Vanraj sees Anupamaa enjoying the beach and dining with Anuj in a restaurant Vanraj gets red with jealousy. He keeps on taunting Anupamaa and is just uncomfortable watching Anu being happy in the company of Anuj. This behavior of Vanraj irks Kavya who warns her husband that this may affect their future as both of them are expecting a job from Anuj.

In the evening, Anuj and Anupamaa are having food in a restaurant. Vanraj and Kavya also follow them. At the same instance, Anuj chokes on the food he is eating which leads to Anu patting him on his back. Vanraj is enraged after watching this and starts taunting his ex-wife. He says that Anupamaa has left all the shame in Ahmedabad and is doing whatever she likes now that she is in Mumbai.

When Anu questions what right Vanraj has to question or object to her behavior, Vanraj finally admits that he is jealous of his ex-wife although he should not be, and is married to another woman now. While there is an argument between Anu and Vanraj, there is a party of youngsters going on in the restaurant.

Boys mix a bit of vodka with juice and circulate the drinks among their friends. Accidentally, both Vanraj and Anuj end up drinking it and get intoxicated. Under the influence of alcohol, both Vanraj and Anuj start dancing and during their conversation, Anuj confesses to Vanraj that he loves Anupamaa.

Anu, who is standing close by, hears this declaration. She is shocked to hear this. Now, how will she react after knowing that Anuj loves her? Vanraj has been saying from the beginning that Anuj continues to hold a soft corner for Anupamaa. Now that everyone including Vanraj, Kavya and Anu has come to know about the feelings of Anuj, will this change the decision of Anu? Will she continue to work with Anuj after this?