Vikash Sharma

Thanks to Anupamaa, the popular TV show on Star Plus, Madalsa Sharma aka Kavya is now a household name. The popular actress is known to speak her heart out whenever she is confronted with challenging tasks or situations thrown at her.

Madalsa, the daughter in-law of popular veteran Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborty, has now become the talk of the town after she recently spoke on casting couch and how she deals with situations when irrational advances are made.

Madalsa has good fan following on social media and she regularly updates them with the happenings with posts including pictures from her shooting sets as well as with family members from time-to-time.

In an interview to Times of India, Madalsa shared insights on the issue of casting couch which is often talked about in the glam industry.

“In today's times it is scary for both - male or female. There is a good and bad in this world. In any profession, be it an actress or a corporate firm, wherever you go, for a female, there are going to be men around you,” she said mentioning that it is an individual's choice to take the path he/she chooses.

She further said, “People can try to influence you but getting or not getting influenced are two drastically different things. Personally, whenever I have felt uncomfortable in anybody's presence or during a meeting, what to do? Just get up and walk out of that door. Nobody's going to stop me or close the door and not let me go anywhere. So, it's always been my personal choice.”

Meanwhile, Madalsa is busy with her project in Anupamaa (Star Plus) show which has kept the audiences hooked with some interesting twists in the past couple of days.

Both Kavya, the character played by Madalsa, and her husband Vanraj are getting upset over the closeness between Anu and her friend Anuj Kapadia. Vanraj recently created a scene during the Bhoomi Pujan ceremony which left both Anu and her business partner Anuj completely shattered.