Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Anupamaa producer Rajan Shahi has said that Sudhanshu Pandey will continue as Vanraj on the show.
  • In Anupamaa, Kavya and Vanraj will lose jobs while Anu’s dance academy will open.
  • Anu will offer Vanraj an option to open a café at her dance academy.

In Anupamaa, Vanraj is now married to Kavya and hence the makers want to introduce a new love interest in the life of Anu. But this new angle triggered rumors that a new male lead will soon be introduced leading to the exit of Sudhanshu Pandey from the show. However, now the producer of Anupamaa, Rajan Shahi has finally come out with the truth.

Shahi said that all these rumors are false, but he also confirmed that there will be a new entry in the serial. Putting a lid on the rumors regarding the end of Vanraj Shah’s character in the number one serial in India, Shahi said that Sudhanshu Pandey is an integral part of his serial and that he will continue to portray the role of Vanraj as usual.


Shahi thanked the audience for showering so much love on Anupamaa and said that they will make a formal announcement once an actor for the new character is finalized. 
In Anupamaa, times are changing for Kavya and Vanraj as both of them lose their jobs. On the other hand, the dance academy which has been the dream of Anu for a long time is now finally ready to open. When Anu announces this good news to her family including Babuji and Baa they are very happy for Anu.

On the other hand, Vanraj is stunned and remembers the times when he stopped his ex-wife from dancing and even broke a mirror in aggression. He is afraid of telling in front of everyone that the café owner where he worked has decided to close it which is why he is now jobless.

Anupamaa and the entire Shah family are very excited that finally, the dream of Anu is coming true. Anu allocates every member of the family a particular section of work.  

When the family comes to know about Vanraj losing the job, everyone is shocked but consoles him. Anu even offers him the option to open a small café at her dance academy. This enrages Kavya who shouts at him which in turn leads to a huge fight between Kavya and Vanraj. Now, how will Anupamaa help Vanraj knowing that even Kavya has lost her job? According to reports, the new character will be a big help to Anu and ensure that the dance academy turns out into a profitable venture.