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Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Kavya will ask Anupamaa to write Vanraj’s V with Mehendi on her hand.
  • Anupamaa gives a befitting reply saying that she will write the complete name of Vanraj on her hand.
  • Anupamaa says that she does not want to be treated as a doormat.

Vanraj and Kavya’s marriage is finally going to take place in the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa. Even though Vanraj is not happy with these developments and was sort of disappointed when Kavya’s divorce from Anirudh was finalized he now does not have any choice but to go ahead with the marriage and take the vows.

Now as the preparation for Haldi and other ceremonies for the wedding start gearing up, there will be a moment when Kavya will try to humiliate Anupamaa. But this time around the latter will turn on the tables on Kavya much to her disappointment. According to the promos, Kavya will ask Anupamaa, “Aaj meri Mehendi hai toh kya tum apne hathon se mere hathon par Vanraj ka naam likh dogi?” When Kavya sees that Anupamaa is shocked and does not respond she says, “Baas ek hi toh akshar likhana hai, V?”

At that instance, Anupamaa makes the sign of V with her fingers and replies, “Baas itna sa hi pyar kiya hai tumne? Pura naam likhungi. Shrimati Kavya ben Vanraj Shah Ahmedabadi.” Now it is the turn of Kavya to get shocked by Anupamaa’s reply and she says, “No no. Mai tumse mehendi lagwana hi nahi chahati hoon.”

Anupamaa then replies smartly, “Aaj kol jo log jarurat se jyada acche hote hai na Kavya duniya unhe paidaan samajh leti hai. Aur muzhe paidan nahi banna.” Kavya has always been jealous of Anupamaa because even though Vanraj has divorced her, she continues to influence his moods.

That is why she always wants to insult or humiliate Anupamaa. But now the latter has become smart and ever since Dr. Advait has boosted her confidence Anupamaa seems to have emerged stronger and now knows how to come up with a befitting reply for her opponent. In the upcoming episodes, it would be interesting to see how Anupamaa handles the tantrums and insults of Kavya as she becomes the bahu of the Shah Family.

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