Poonam Singh

'Anupamaa,' starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna has been captivating audiences and generating significant interest due to its current storyline. Rajan Shahi, the creator behind the show, recently shared insights into the eagerly awaited developments of the storyline.

Reflecting on his recent trip to Japan, Shahi expressed astonishment at the immense popularity of the show, with fans of all ages eagerly inquiring about its future trajectory in an interview with ABP News. Shahi revealed encountering enthusiastic fans in their 50s in Japan who deeply resonated with Anu's journey, drawing parallels to their own life experiences.

He also recounted an incident at a restaurant where people surrounded him, asking, 'Will Anu and Anuj reunite, or will Shruti and Anuj's marriage be on the cards?' Shahi humorously responded to the numerous queries by suggesting multiple possibilities, keeping the suspense alive.

Amidst queries about the potential romantic outcomes for Anu and Anuj or Anuj and Shruti, Shahi playfully hinted at various scenarios. However, Shahi assured fans of an enthralling narrative ahead, promising a focus on intricate relationships and the complexities of decision-making.

While Anu has embraced a new chapter in her life, Anuj remains steadfast in his affection for her. However, Anu's past continues to influence her reluctance to embrace love, fearing it may bring more pain. Shahi hinted at unexpected twists that will keep audiences hooked, promising a rollercoaster ride of emotions and revelations in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, amidst reports of his exit from 'Anupamaa,' Gaurav Khanna dismissed the rumours and clarified that they are completely untrue.

Upset over such rumours, the most loved actor of Anupamaa, told Hindustan Times, "I don’t know where this has popped up from. I don’t see any truth to this because I am completely committed to my show. I don’t know any such thing yet. There is no basis in this news. A lot of fake news surfaces online these days. I understand that people have their own thoughts when they love a show, but this piece of news is not at all true."