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Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Salman Khan shared a family photo on the birthday of Salim Khan today.
  • Salman can be seen standing beside Helen in the family photo.
  • An old interview of Bhaijaan on the second marriage of Salim resurfaced today on the internet.

Salim Khan, the writer of cult movies like Sholay and Deewar, turned a year older today. On his birthday, son and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan shared a perfect family photograph in which he can be seen standing beside the yesteryear dance queen Helen, who happens to be his stepmother and second wife of Salim Khan.

Salman Khan and his brothers Arbaaz and Sohail share a good bond with Helen and now she is a part of the large family of Salim Khan. However, there was a time when Salman was upset because his mother kept on waiting for Salim and he would not turn up as he would be visiting Helen. In an earlier interview, the Dabangg actor said that he hated it when his mother (Salma) kept on waiting for his father.

Salim has four children from Salma and Salman, being the eldest, was only 10 years old at that time. 'Bhaijaan' is a self-proclaimed mama’s boy and simply could not see her unhappy at that time. Gradually Salma started accepting Helen’s presence in the life of her husband and now she is very much a part of their family.

Salman said that his dad explained to him and his siblings that even though he now has a second wife he still loved their mother and will be around like always. Today Helen can be seen at almost all the family functions held by Salim’s household.

Even Salim had accepted that it took Salma some time to accept Helen in his life due to which there was a sort of hostility among the children as well then. But now both Salma and Helen share a good rapport, which is quite evident from the family photograph shared by Salman today on the birthday of his father.

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