Cassian Baliarsingh

After enthralling audience for almost four decades, veteran actor-director and writer Satish Kaushik bid adieu and left his fans heartbroken. With his iconic roles and comedy timings, he will always be remembered as one of the finest actors and will be loved forever.

However, the veteran actor wanted to live for his little daughter. His last words were ‘Main Marna Nahin Chahta, Mujhe Bacha Lo.’

The heartbreaking last words were revealed by Kaushik ji’s manager Santosh Rai. Speaking to ETimes, the manager said, “That night, he finished his dinner at about 8:30 pm. We were supposed to return to Mumbai by 8:50 am flight on March 9. He said, ‘Santosh, let’s sleep soon; we have a morning flight to catch.’ I said, ‘Theek hai, sir ji and went to sleep in the adjoining room.”

“However, at around 12:05 am he started calling out my name very loudly. I came running and complained about the difficulty in breathing. Please take me to a doctor," said Rai.

“His chest pain increased as we set off for the hospital and he said Santosh, main marna nahin chahta, mujhe bacha lo. Mujhe Vanshika ke liye jeena hai. Mujhe lagta hai main nahin bachunga. Shashi aur Vanshika ka khayyal rakhna," Rai added.

These were the last words of Kaushik ji before he fell unconscious and was later declared dead at Fortis Hospital. 

Police thoroughly inspected and photographed the place where Kaushik was staying. But, nothing suspicious or objectionable was found in the room or the house, except for some medicines. The CCTV footage has been seized and is being examined.

A preliminary cause of death is cardiac arrest caused by coronary artery blockage associated with coronary artery disease and the manner of death appears to be natural. However, a final call will be taken after the perusal of the histopathology study report of the heart and FSL pertaining to the blood.