• Friday, September 22, 2023
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'Ajmer 92' and '72 Hoorain': Know why there are strong demands to ban the movies

The two movies Ajmer 92 and 72 Hoorain based on the topic of gangrape and terrorism respectively will hit the theaters in July

Sangati Jogwar
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Ajmer 92, 72 HoorainPhotoPhoto: Twitter/Reliance Entertainment, Ashoke Pandit

Ajmer 92, 72 Hoorain

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News Highlights

  • Ajmer 92 and 72 Hoorain have already triggered controversy and demand for a ban before their release in the theaters.
  • 72 hoorain talks about terrorism, and the brainwashing of young minds to perform Jihad.

Both The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story triggered huge debates and controversies and a section of society demanded to ban their release.

The Kerala Story was even banned in West Bengal. And now the same controversy has been triggered by two upcoming releases Ajmer 92 and 72 Hoorain.

Why there is a demand to ban Ajmer 92?

The movie has come under the scanner of Muslim organizations because they believe that Ajmer 92 is a conspiracy for spreading hatred towards Muslims in the country.

The President of All India Muslim Jamaat Maulana Mufti Shahabuddin Razvi Barelvi has said that the movie has been made to confuse the people and also to divide the society. He said that the movie shows that the education that is given in the dargah is wrong.

Helmed by Pushpendra Singh, Ajmer-92 is claimed to showcase the true events related to the gang rape as well as blackmail of more than 100 girls from the schools and colleges of Ajmer.

This blackmail and gang rape in Ajmer was listed as Ajmer Blackmail Kaand in the police books and is considered to be one of the most brutal crimes ever to take place in India against women.

The story says that multiple young girls were tempted by offering those treats and later on were gang raped and blackmailed. Earlier T-Series that is producing Ajmer-92 had thought of releasing it on the OTT but now it will release in theaters on July 14.

72 Hoorain reveals how young men are turned into suicide-bombers

Similar to The Kerala Story, 72 Hoorain also talks about how young people are allegedly brainwashed with fake stories so that they turn into suicide bombers. The trainers play with the minds of these youngsters to turn them into terrorists.

The teaser of the movie displays pictures of Hafiz Saeed, Osama Bin Laden, Massod Azhar, and Yakub Menon with the background voice supporting Jihad.

The movie shows that the young boys will get to enjoy untouched 'hoorain' or beautiful untouched girls when they go to Jannat after doing Jihad.

Through this story, the makers want to show that even those who turn into terrorists believing that 72 such hoorain are waiting for them on the 'other side' after they participate in Jihad have twisted minds and are very confused. The movie will release in theaters on July 7.

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