Vikash Sharma

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued guidelines for engaging professor of practice in universities and colleges.

In a letter, the UGC has asked the Vice Chancellors of Universities and Principals of Colleges to take necessary steps to engage professors of practice according to the requirement.

As per guidelines, the number of professors of practice in Higher Educational Institutions (HEI), at any point in time, should not exceed 10% of the sanctioned posts.


Eminent experts who have made remarkable contributions in their professions from various fields such as engineering, science, technology, entrepreneurship, commerce, social sciences, media, literature, fine arts, civil services, armed forces, legal profession, community development, panchayati raj, rural development, watershed development, water-harvesting, organic farming, small green energy systems, municipal planning, community participation, gender budgeting/planning, inclusive development of tribals and public administration among others can apply for the posts.

The experts who have proven expertise in their specific profession or role with at least 15 years of service/experience, preferably at a senior level, will be eligible for Professor of Practice.

A formal academic qualification will not be considered essential for this position if they have exemplary professional practice in lieu.

Categories of Engagement:

Professor of Practice funded by industries

Professor of Practice funded by HEIs from their own resources

Professor of Practice on honorary basis

Professor of Practice funded by industries: The HEIs may collaborate with the industries to support the Professor of Practice positions for engaging industry experts and professionals under this category.

Professor of Practice funded by HEIs from their own resources:HEIs may assess the required gap areas in different fields and engage experts working in leadership positions in various fields.

In this category, the remuneration for the Professor of Practice is made by HEIs from their own resources as indicated below:


Part-time/full-time engagement: Consolidated amount to be mutually agreed between the institution and expert.

Professor of Practice on Honorary basis: Experts fulfilling the eligibility criteria for the Professor of Practice may like to share their expertise with students and come forward to teach on honorary basis. Such experts may be roped in on honorary basis and their services may be utilized for the benefit of the students. The HEIs may decide on the amount of honorarium to be paid to the Professor of Practice in this category from their own resources.

Selection Procedure

Nominations from eminent experts to be invited by the Vice-Chancellors/Directors for Professor of Practice positions.

The experts, willing to serve may also be nominated or they can send their nomination to the Vice-Chancellor/Director with a detailed biodata and a brief write-up about their potential contribution to the HEI. Such nominations to bee considered by a selection committee.

The Committee shall consist of two senior Professors from the HEI and one eminent external member. Based on committee’s recommendation , the Academic Council and the Executive Council or statutory bodies of the HEI will take a final decision.


The initial engagement will be for up to one year. At the end of the initial engagement or subsequent extension, the HEI can take the decision about extension. The maximum duration of service of Professor of Practice at a given institution should not exceed three years. It is extendable by one year in exceptional cases, but the total service should not exceed four years under any circumstances.