Pradeep Pattanayak

With the announcement of early summer vacation (around two weeks ahead of the schedule), there is a possibility that students may get distracted and fall prey to mobile and the internet. 

In order to wean them away from mobile and the internet and make them study-oriented, parent-teacher meetings were held across the state today. 

The school authorities briefed the parents on how to monitor their children’s studies. To monitor them effectively, this year, the parents have been supplied with guidebooks prepared by the School and Mass Education department. In case of any doubts, they can get clarification from the teachers. 

“We asked the teachers for extra classes. On the other hand, they have assigned some home tasks for parents, particularly for this summer. We will follow the instructions mentioned in the guidebook,” said a parent. 

“The teachers have given their contact numbers to us. In case of doubts, we can get them clarified either by visiting the control room or contacting them over their mobile phones,” said another parent. 

“We have distributed guidebooks among students through their parents. These books will guide them in planning their routine during this vacation,” said the headmaster of Capital High School, Bhubaneswar, Jitendra Nayak. 

The parents were informed about cyber security so that they can keep an eye on their children as they can make wrong use of mobile phones and the internet during online classes. Parents have been taught how to check internet history and how to stop their children from visiting porn sites. 

School and Mass Education Minister, Samir Ranjan Dash said, “As children are using mobile phones, there could be cases of misuse. So, parents will be trained in cyber security. Even though the summer vacation has been announced ahead of schedule, we hope the courses will be completed in time.”

What ails the parents most is the completion of courses as per the syllabus in the scheduled period. 

“During the Covid period, the students lost two years of learning. What they will study online?  If holidays are announced in case of extreme hot and cold weather conditions, how students will keep pace with the syllabus? What will be their future?” asked a parent from Umerkote.

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