Vikash Sharma

In a major decision, the Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Odisha on Wednesday announced major changes in the conduct of class 10 matriculation examination.

BSE President, Ramasish Hazra said that two summative examinations were conducted in class 10 for the past two years. Now the class 10 or the matriculation examination will be conducted annually, once a year, he informed.

“Instead of conducting two summative assessment examinations which were introduced in view of the Covid pandemic, we have now decided to fall back on the old system of conducting one annual examination,” said Hazra.

BSE officials said that internal assessment will continue for high school and Madhyama students. The internal assessment will be conducted in four quarters.

Moreover, the BSE has also decided to introduce the half-yearly examination at the school level for which the board will provide question papers.

For class 9 students, BSE will not conduct the examination, rather it will only provide question papers to the district education officers.

“We have not completely changed the pattern as internal assessment will continue and we have added the aspirational component. Through this the students will be engaged throughout the year,” said BSE officials.

BSE also said that the burden on students will reduce after the adoption of a single annual examination.

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