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Life is not a journey of roses as it comes with its own share of difficulties for everyone. However, life can be more hard for someone who hails from a below-poverty family as compared to those born in well-to-do families.

The story of Ram Bhajan Kumhar and his journey, from being a daily labourer to cracking UPSC, is one of the most inspiring stories you will read today. He was one of those UPSC aspirants who hailed from a marginalized family and had to work as a daily labourer to fend for his family.

However, his hard work and determination to achieve something big in life helped him crack UPSC with flying colours.
Born and raised in Bapi, an inaccessible village in Rajasthan, Ram Bhajan did not have a permanent place to call home. Raised in a harsh environment, Ram worked hard as a daily labourer from an early age to fund the expenses for his family. 

As per DNA India, Ram used to break stones and turn them into chips for survival. Later, they would sell the chips for a living. He would break huge stones for several hours, while his mother had to turn them into chips.

At the end of the day, they would not even earn enough to cover one meal. He also herd goats and sold dairy products to supplement the income of his family.

Things took an ugly turn after his father, an asthma patient, died during the Covid-19 pandemic. The family further plunged into poverty after his father’s death. A determined Ram Bhajan decided to change his fate and with much struggle qualified as a constable with Delhi Police.

However, he decided to change his fate and started his preparations for UPSC. He worked as a police officer with Delhi Police and continued his preparations. However, every time he was rejected and failed to crack UPSC, India’s toughest exam.

Ram's hard work finally paid off as he cracked the Civil Services Exam in 2022 in his eighth attempt with AIR-667. His story of determination and consistency for eight long years is an inspiration for many UPSC aspirants.


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