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Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Majhi on Thursday started operating from the Lok Seva Bhawan (secretariat) chamber where former CM Naveen Patnaik was functioning. 

Even though the chamber remains the same, its look then and now has changed a lot. With the change of Chief Ministers, the furniture and its layout and the direction of the CM’s chair have been changed. 

While former Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s chair was facing towards the south, Odisha’s first BJP Chief Minister Mohan Majhi’s chair is facing towards the east. 

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According to Vastu expert Manoj Lenka, this change in direction has its good points. 
“In Vastu science, if one sits facing ‘agni kona’, he will face many types of problems. And, he will not be able to keep good relationships with people. On the other hand, if he sits facing towards the east, he will be people-oriented and think about the people,” said Lenka.

“Earlier, there were some Vastu defects in the chamber. They have been rectified. You will see a lot of changes for the better in the coming three months. He will work for the people,” he added. 

Similarly, the chambers of the two deputy Chief Ministers and other Ministers have been changed as per the Vastu.

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