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Nag Ashwin's latest magnum opus has scripted history with numerous records at the box office. Starring Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, Deepika Padukone and Disha Patani in pivotal roles, the dystopian science fiction film regained momentum this weekend and earned Rs 34.45 crore India net on its tenth day, according to Industry Tracker Sacknik. With this, the high-budget movie has earned an estimated Rs 431.55 crore (net) in India while the worldwide collection stands at Rs 709 crore in its first nine days at the box office.

Nitish Bharadwaj 'offers' to play Lord Krishna in sequel, predicts Bhairava's 'death'!

While fans and moviegoers have lauded the makers and the entire cast for their stellar performances, veteran actor Mukesh Khanna, who played the role of Bhisma in the TV Serial Mahabharat, criticised the makers for distorting the Indian Epic, a few days ago. However, actor Nitish Bharadwaj, known for portraying Lord Krishna's role in the Indian Epic, praised the flick. Moreover, he also suggested a 'brilliant suggestion' for a sequel. 

During a recent exclusive conversation with News 18 Showsha, Nitish Bharadwaj said that he is impressed with Nag Ashwin's vision. He even jokingly offered to reprise his role as Lord Krishna in the sequel.

Bharadwaj was quoted as saying, "(Nag Ashwin has) made clever use of Mahabharat characters and the futuristic birth of Maha Vishnu’s last avatar Kalki. Hindi film producers must learn from the South as they are so deeply rooted in our scriptures and epics that even their inspirational versions seem correct." 

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Further, he added, "No doubt, Kalki seems to have definite visual inspiration from Mad Max movies. Yet, it seemed different because eventually, the sets and production design were less important to me than the foreground story. Ashwin merged the 2 extremely well.”

For the unversed, Kalki 2898 AD explores a fictional future in Kalki – the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu. The characters of Prabhas and Amitabh are directly inspired by Mahabharat, with Big B playing the role of the immortal Ashwatthama. However, the biggest twist comes in the form of Prabhas with the climax revealing that Bhairava could be a reincarnation of Karna.

Well, Bharadwaj said that the strategic use of Arjuna's chariot pushed back was a hint that Prabhas was the Karna reborn.

Sharing his prediction for the sequel, Bharadwaj said, “Prabhas aka Karna will die in the ambition of being accepted by the villain despite Ashwatthama and Krishna showing him the path to redemption.”

When asked if he has a special message for Ashwin, Bharadwaj said, “Bravo. In the sequel, Ashwin need not hide Krishna’s face, I am available,” he concluded.

Mukesh Khanna criticises makers for 'distorting' Mahabharat!

A few days ago, veteran actor Mukesh Khanna, known for his powerful portrayal of Bheesma in BR Chopra's Mahabharat and Shaktimaan, offered his review of Kalki 2898 AD. Khanna shared that he enjoyed the movie and admired the production values. However, he found certain aspects to be problematic.

He said, "One thing that is bothering me is that they have tried to change the mythology in the film. In the beginning, you see Lord Krishna come, and take the gem from Ashwatthama's forehead, telling him that you will be my saviour in the future, Lord Krishna never said this."

He pointed out that Arjuna and Bhima had removed the gem from Ashwatthama's forehead and given it to Draupadi after he killed their five sons by sneaking into their tents in the dark of night. So, how did the gem end up back with Ashwatthama?

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Khanna said, "I want to ask the makers, how could you presume to know more than the Vyas muni, who said that what doesn’t exist here cannot exist elsewhere? It wasn’t Krishna who removed Ashwatthama’s ‘mani’. I’ve been reading the Mahabharata since childhood; I can tell you that it was Draupadi who instructed that his ‘mani’ should be removed after he killed all five of her children.”

Later, Khanna also openly admitted that he feels intimidated by the scale of Kalki, the post-apocalyptic movie, heavily inspired by Hindu scriptures.

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