The Goa Education Department has initiated an inquiry into a teacher who allegedly gave corporal punishment given to 43 students, wherein some of them fainted and one was hospitalised after complaining of breathing problem.

Director of education Shailesh Zingade told IANS that the incident occurred on Friday morning and the department has started its inquiry.

"So far what we have come to know is that these students were from Class 7 and were making noise as their teacher was absent. The contractual teacher who allegedly gave them corporal punishment was teaching in Class 9, who got disturbed due to noise in the adjacent classroom," Zingade said.

He said that the class 7 students were told to take continuous rounds of the volleyball court in the morning.

"They were monitored by students of Class 9, while they were running. One student among them complained of breathlessness and soon he was taken to the health centre and later discharged," Zingade said.

"We have started the inquiry of this incident and after getting a report of it will ask the management of the school to take action."

According to Zingade, four teachers were absent on Friday and even the Headmaster was taking a class, hence the incident didn't come to the notice of the latter.

Sources said that parents rushed to the school after they came to know about the incident and questioned management about the corporal punishment given to students.

"Fifteen students out of the 43 are absent today (Saturday. The Deputy Director of central zone is inquiring in this matter," the top official told IANS.