Cassian Baliarsingh

Hailing from the small village of Kakra (Bikaner district) in Rajasthan and becoming an IAS officer, Pari Bishnoi’s journey is an example of sheer dedication, hard work, and consistency. The IAS officer had to live like a monk to achieve to reach the position that she is in today.

She had quit all social media platforms and stopped using mobile phone during her UPSC preparation phase. It took her three attempts to clear the UPSC exam but she did not give up. She missed by a few marks in the first two attempts but with her hard work and determination, she cracked the toughest exam in the third attempt.

In her third attempt, Pari secured 30th position in the IAS (CSE 2019) and is now an inspiration for many. Her motivation in life is, 'Hold onto your vision.'

Pari Bishnoi’s mother once said, “My daughter quit every social media platform. She did not even use a phone. She literally lived the life of a monk when she was preparing for the UPSC exam to become an IAS officer.”

IAS officer Pari’s mother works as an inspector for GRP while her father is a lawyer. Both her parents were the inspiration for Pari during her preparation. She wanted to become an IAS as she was a brilliant student since her school days and wanted to make her parents, her community, and the country proud.

The first woman from Bishnoi, Pari, is now serving as the SDM, Gangtok.