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More skeletons are tumbling out of the cyber fraud in which fraudsters had duped around Rs 36 lakh from a person in Bhubaneswar in a fake courier scam. Five accused were arrested on June 16 on the charges of duping the government official by claiming that drugs were sent to Taiwan in his name using his credentials.

The accused, who were subsequently arrested, have been identified as Shaik Tajuddin (38) of Andhra Pradesh, Muchumari Chitti Babu (34) of Andhra Pradesh, Denzo alias Laleng Zauva Kaipeng (28) of Tripura, Jiten Kaipeng (21) of Tripura and James alias Elvish Tara (36) of Guwahati, Assam.

Twin City Police Commissioner, Sanjeeb Panda on Tuesday informed that all the accused were interrogated for a period of three days along with senior officials of other states. It has been found that the criminals were involved in such fraud in 24 states and 313 cases reported so far. Moreover, 49 cases have been registered in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu 32, and 38 in Telangana.

During the three-day remand, police officials of 9 states interrogated the accused. We are getting requests from other states as well, said Panda. “We have listed out the 50 mule current and corporate accounts from different states which are used for transfer of huge sums of money and have already frozen money amounting to more than Rs 2 Crores,” said Panda.

According to Panda, there have been fraudulent transactions reported in around 313 complaints and FIRs from 24 states amounting to more than Rs 25 crores.

How Crime Was Executed?

The accused were running bank accounts of innocent people by cheating them and telling them that the account would be used for legal online gaming platforms with a good return. Banking credentials -Internet Banking, User ID and Password, Phone and SIM cards of account holders were fraudulently added authorizing beneficiaries for illegal financial transactions without the knowledge of the account holder.

The fraud is done online by running an APK file sent from Cross Border Telegram ID which is under investigation.

“Legal action will be taken for opening these accounts where lakhs and crores of rupees are flooding into many Binance Accounts. All these have been done through remotely accessing and monitoring and controlling the transactions via Telegram, WhatsApp and customized APK files,” the Commissionerate Police said.

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