Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Ollywood actor Bobby Mishra, who was called by Nayapalli Police on Saturday for questioning following allegations of misbehaviour and quarrel levelled by his neighbour, Tapi Mishra, has been released with notice of Section 41 of CrPC under conditions of appearance before the police when summoned.

As per reports, Bobby's neighbour Tapi, who is also an actor, filed a complaint at Nayapalli Police station stating that Bobby misbehaved and threatened him over a car parking issue. Moreover, Tapi mentioned that Bobby issued threats in the name of gangster Raja Acharya on Friday evening. 

The complainant also further alleged that Bobby tried to threaten his wife and hurled abusive words while he was at the police station to file a complaint.

Based on the FIR, Nayapalli police on Saturday called both the actors and quizzed them in connection with the incident. 

However, refuting the allegations, Bobby said that his brother had parked his car at Tapi's parking place as the latter had pulled up his vehicle at the spot allotted to the former. This incident ignited a fall-out between them. 

Meanwhile, Tapi stated that the senior actor always creates nuisance and yesterday he also attacked him physically and hurled abusive words following the parking issue.

(Edited By Suryakant Jena)