Vikash Sharma

Commissionerate Police has cautioned people about a criminal gang which allegedly robbed people after offering them lifts in vehicles and drugging them. The appeal from the police came after twin cases of lift and loot were reported from the Capital City in the past three days.

Bhubaneswar DCP Umashankar Dash said that the criminal gang offered looted two persons by offering them rides. Both the cases, which were reported from Vanivihar and Archarya Vihar bus stand area, are being investigated by Saheed Nagar Police station.

“It has been ascertained that some criminal gang are now targeting people on the pretext of helping them by offering free rides. Mostly the passengers at railway station and bus stands are targeted by the miscreants who subsequently loot valuables by drugging them,” said Dash.

Dash revealed that both the victims were robbed off their valuables after the miscreants drugged them after offering them lift in vehicles.

On February 1, one Biren Kumar Parida of Olavara village of Kendrapara district had lodged an FIR at the Saheed Nagar Police Station alleging two persons approached him when he was waiting for bus near Satsang Vihar. Parida had returned from Bengaluru.

After offering Parida a lift in a car, the miscreants looted Rs 75,000 and other belongings after spiking a drink. The miscreants allegedly threw the victim off the vehicle near Chhatia in Cuttack district.

“We appeal people not to trust people who offer them lifts and also not accept any food items from strangers,” Dash added.

The Commissionerate Police has also appealed people not to leave any valuables inside cars as some incidents of loot in parking lots have surfaced in the recent past. Senior officials have urged people to immediate inform local police if they come across any such group or youths moving in suspicious manner.