Cassian Baliarsingh

A NEET aspirant from Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri, studying in Kota, allegedly faked her own kidnap to demand Rs 30 lakh from her father, reports said. The girl planned the kidnapping together with her boyfriend to get Rs 30 lakh from her father so that they could settle abroad, a TOI report said.

As per reports, the girl along with her boyfriend captured of photo of herself being tied with a rope. Then, the two sent the picture to her father and demanded Rs 30 lakh from him.

When the father replied saying he was sending the pictures to the SP, the ‘kidnapper’ replied, “Send it to whomever you want to. Deposit Rs 30 lakh in the bank and get your daughter back alive. Else, in the next photo, you’d find her decapitated.”

Shocked, her father replied that he would not be able to accumulate Rs 30 lakh even if he sold all his property. “Send the money by today evening. Otherwise, we’ll murder your daughter,” he got in reply.

Based on the complaint by the girl’s father, police registered a case and launched a probe into the incident. During probe, it was learnt that the girl had intentionally sent the ‘kidnapped’ pictures to her father to demand the ransom money of Rs 30 lakh.

Police managed to nab their friend whose apartment was used to take the ‘kidnapping’ photos.

“There has been no kidnapping. As per the available proof, the kidnapping was fake. The student has been staying in Indore,” Livemint quoted Kota SP Amruta Duhan.