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Rojalin Mishra

When you are on a mission to burn fat and lose weight, intake of low-calorie foods will definitely help you to shed those extra kilos. Have you ever come across about the benefits of cucumber for weight loss? If not, here are some surprising things to know.

Cucumber (Kheera) contains a good amount of water and soluble fiber and has zero calorie that may aid weight loss. Including cucumber in your regular diet and following the same for at least 15 days may weigh you down.

Substituting most of your vegetable and fruits sources with cucumber may speed up your weight loss process. Replacing snacks with cucumber and taking cucumber sandwich in breakfast may work wonders for you.

Several studies have suggested that you can lose up to five kilos in just a couple of weeks time by following the cucumber diet. Whenever you feel hungry, make it a rule to snack on cucumber.

Being extremely low in calories and even lower in fat, this natural vegetable contains essential nutrients like vitamin A, B and K which ensure that your daily nutrients do not go missing.

Though adding cucumber in your diet is an excellent weight loss strategy, do remember that this diet plan is rather restrictive in nature. Solely depending on cucumber may be risky for your health. It may help you to reduce weight in the short run but in the long run it is necessary for you to burn fat or maintain your ideal weight.

You should be cautious while following this diet plan for two weeks. It is advised to supplement your diet with crab sources (such as potatoes, bread) so that the fat burning process is maintained in the body.

Disclaimer: All content, including tips and suggestions here, should only be construed as general information and not professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before implementing any diet plan.

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