Rojalin Mishra

Do you think being healthy physically is okay? Change over now! Happiness dwells in the mind and mental wellness alone gives you the 'high' - the bliss. Bliss  sprouts up only when your mind is calm. So, aim for holistic health - the mental wellness.

Going to a gym regularly, eating a healthy diet or popping up  vitamins pills are okay. They may tone up your biceps or say your immunity. But the tides soaring in your mind may still keep you irritated and unhealthy. In the contemporary 24X7 lifestyle,  distraction is a commonplace.  Everyone  feels the pressure cooker like situation. The mind turns a volatile sea with work load, desires and expectation that together screw up the stress to a gigantic level.

So, with a sea of thoughts in mind you cannot expect a delightful sleep at night.  Therefore to avail  the 'sleep-well' in your life, take care of your mental health; besides the fitness regimen, skin, personality et al.

Many studies have suggested that a good mediation for 20 minutes a day heals one's mind, reduces stress and increase concentration level. You all have heard that meditation is good for the mind and body, but may not be aware of the amazing  benefits associated with mindful meditation.

Here are some of the benefits of meditation that you may get if meditate regularly -

Increase concentration - Meditation improves focus and concentration. Sitting at one place and meditating for few minutes gives you immense benefits. Your brain develop attentiveness and restricts the inflow of thoughts that distracts you.

Improve mental stability - The incredible benefit of meditation is it increase mental health and wellbeing. It cleans, nourishes you and sink in a feeling of relaxation and inner peace that reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

Better Sleep -  When your mind is crowded with thoughts and tensions, it's natural to experience sleep disturbances, like having a hard time falling asleep or staying awake. When you calm your mind by meditatation, it fights against insomnia and improves sleep.

Lowers blood pressure - One of the biggest benefit of meditation is that it controls blood pressure. Experts believed that meditation reduces the body’s responsiveness to stress hormones and maintain normal blood pressure levels.

 Attracts  Positivity - Meditation is like multivitamins for your brain as it clear up the negative thoughts formed due to excess stress and anxiety. It soothes the mind, soul internally and builds a positive attitude to cope with odd and  even situations in life.