There is no one quite like Akshay Kumar, Kesari proves it

The trailer of Anurag Singh’s Kesari is every bit that patriotic juggernaut that we expected it to be. It is passionate and bombastic, brimming over with nationalistic indignation as Akshay Kumar, plays a wizened but lionhearted Sardar Ishar Singh who along with 21 Sikh soldiers defeated an Afghan battalion of 10,000 soldiers.

This is a tale of wide-angled valour. And we really can’t see anyone except Akshay carrying it off. There is a certain element of trendy gravitas about his personality which contemporises history (set in 1897) without trivialising it in any way. And Akshay can nail the jingoistic rhetorics like no one else cab. His bloodcurdling war cry at the end of the trailer is so inspiring it might prompt one to mutter ‘Jai Hind’.

This is a film that wears its heart on the sleeve. Director Anurag Singh had earlier made a film about a suspected Khalistani terrorist on the run in Punjab 1984. With Kesari he penetrates the big-time with a war cry. And who better to voice it than Akshay Kumar?

The trailer featuring the movie’s protagonist, Akshay is full of CG-induced war sequences.

Kesari looks and feels authentic. Standing at the centre of this sanguinary world Akshay Kumar lords over the proceedings like a wounded lion.

March 23 is the release date for this recreation of a chunk of India’s freedom movement that many filmmakers have been trying to put together for years. But none succeeded.

Akshay Kumar was destined to play Havildar Ishar Singh. He quotes that this is the toughest role of his career.

In one sequence an Afghan enemy threatens to subjugate India and its people. Akshay stares at the big-talking enemy and says, “Chal joothe”. A little bit of humour never hurt the national pride.

Kesari echoes the public sentiment. Don’t stop at anything to crush the enemy.