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Swank identifies with her character in Conviction

London: Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank identified with her character in `Conviction` as she and the woman she portrays in the film share similar background.

The `Million Dollar Baby` star portrays real-life mother and college drop-out Betty Ann Waters in the movie, who qualifies as a lawyer to fight to overturn her brother`s unjust murder conviction, Contactmusic reported.

"People who have come from nothing – like Betty Anne and me – you`ve always had to fight for what you have, so it`s in your marrow. It`s like, if you`re going to do this, then you have to go after it."

"Nothing is given to you. And you don`t even think about it like that. You don`t even recognise it until later, when somebody points it out," said the 36-year-old actress who shared resemblance with her alter-ego`s struggle.

Swank said that she has never felt pressured to maintain a perfect appearance to clinch the role she wants.

"I never really felt like there was an obligation, to show that I can be – and I say this in quotes – a `pretty girl`. I mean, look at me," she added.

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