Shahid hopes his action films touch Rs100 cr mark

Mumbai: Actor Shahid Kapoor, who is gearing up to do two action films to be directed by Prabhu Deva and Bejoy Nambiar each, is hopeful that these films achieve the Rs 100 crore feat.

The actor will be seen in two action films- one to be directed by Prabhu Deva called `Namak` and the other by Bejoy Nambiar of `Shaitan` fame.

Considering that Prabhu Deva`s two directorial ventures – `Wanted` with Salman Khan and `Rowdy Rathore` with Akshay Kumar, are part of the Rs 100 crore club, Shahid hopes his films achieve the same feat.

"I don`t know about this Rs 100 crore club. It will happen whenever it has to. There is no plan for that. I hope I am able to achieve it (the benchmark his movies have set at the box office). Every actor hopes his movies to do maximum business, but one can`t predict this thing," Shahid told PTI in an exclusive interview.

"It all depends on the taste and preferences of the audience. We are talking about actors, who have been in the industry for 20-22 years, are highly established and also a certain genre (action). Now that genre has more appeal, so bigger the star, bigger the collections," he said.

Personally, Shahid enjoys action-masala films like `Dabangg`, `Rowdy Rathore` and hence he prefers to do a film of this genre. "Earlier stars like Mithunda, Amitji used to come out with these kinds of films. But, when we were in our teens, we did not see such films. Now again, we have movies like `Wanted`, `Rowdy Rathore`, `Dabangg`, `Bodyguard`. When I see these films I find them entertaining. I started enjoying them a lot," Shahid said.

"I also wanted to do those films, come out in high speed, look like a hero and all of that. So, when I am enjoying it as audience, why not do it? It is not just that people want to watch it hence I am doing it…I won`t be convinced that way to do a film of that kind," he said.

However, the makers of `Namak` have not yet finalised the other leading cast yet. There are rumors of Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone are to be paired opposite Shahid.

The 31-year-old actor is full praises for his director Prabhu Deva, with whom, he shared the stage at the recently-held IIFA awards. "I am doing a film with Prabhu Deva, because I really enjoyed working with him during IIFA. We had a great time. He is a great guy," he said.

Shahid will start shooting for Prabhu`s film next year in February and Bejoy Nambiar`s film will also start next year. Meanwhile, Shahid is gearing up for Maneesh Sharma`s (of `Band Bajaa Baraat` fame) next with Yash Raj Films.

"For Maneesh Sharma`s film I start shooting in August and we will finish it by November. Right now I am starting another film for which I have to lose weight. I have lost seven kilos and have to lose two more kgs," Shahid said.

"I am playing a regular guy, a local Jaipuri. So I can`t have any muscles and all of that sort, I have to look normal. I have not worked out for two months and this is something I have never done in my life. It was required for the role hence I am doing it," he said.

Shahid had signed this untitled Yash Raj film a while ago and the plan was to shoot it in February. But it was postponed after Maneesh suffered a slipped disc. "Then, after this film, I will start preparing for two action films – Prabhu`s and Bejoy`s film. For that, I will have to get into shape," he added.