Sangati Jogwar

Things have not been easy for Brinda aka Nia Sharma in Naagin 4 as she is facing a lot of issues while taking revenge from the Parekh family. Her first step was to enter the Parekh family which she successfully did by marrying Dev. Brinda also tries to kill Dev as he was the reason behind Manyata’s death. Both Nayantara and Brinda have the same goal and that is to destroy the Parekh family. That is why the two decide to join hands.

Nayantara trusts Vishakha as the latter has helped her turn into an icchadhari Naagin. But in return, she will ask for a favour. Vishakha wants to kill Brinda and hence will instigate Nayantara to do the task. As is known, Nayantara and Brinda are working towards the same cause. But after Vishakha’s instigation, Nayantara will go against Brinda and will start creating problems for her.

Vishakha Reveals Her True Colors

Since Vishakha is the evil-mind behind all the wrongdoings she wants to increase her power and do not want others to become a problem for her. Even though she promised Nayantara of helping to increase her supernatural powers, in reality, Vishakha does not want another competition. So when Nayantara reaches the place where Nagamani is kept and tries to grab it, Vishakha appears and tries to kill Nayantara. It will surprise Nayantara who until now thought that Vishakha is helping her to increase her supernatural powers.

Vishakha says that Nayantara is betraying her as the latter did not tell her anything about her plan to get naga mani. Nayantara, in turn, says that on the instigation of Vishakha she has already done a lot of evil things and now by hook or crook wants the naga mani and become powerful.

Since Vishakha’s purpose has been fulfilled she says that Nayantara is of no use to her and hence she will kill her. Vishakha will also reveal that she was the one behind the disappearance of Bella and Mahir and she knows exactly what happened to them. Did Vishakha kill Mahir and Bella in Naagin 4?

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