Mission Impossible to release in Christmas

Los Angeles: The fourth instalment of Tom Cruise starrer `Mission Impossible` franchise will release during the Christmas holiday season this year.

Paramount Pictures has made several changes in its release calendar, including moving up the release date for `Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol` to December 21, 2011 and dating `One Shot`, also starring Tom Cruise, for February 8, 2013, reported Variety online.

The studio has also slated “G.I. Joe: Retaliation“ for June 29, 2012, moving “Star Trek 2“ out of the slot to a date not yet announced.

The new date puts `Mission` in the middle of the holiday rush, the same weekend as David Fincher`s remake of `The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo` and Paramount`s `The Adventures of Tintin`.

`One Shot` will be directed by Chris McQuarrie and is based on the Lee Child book series that focused on Jack Reacher, a former military policeman who drifts from city to city defending those who can`t defend themselves.