Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

KGF Chapter 1 became the talk of town since its release and Yash portraying 'Rocky Bhai' character became a household name across the entire nation. KGF star Yash has made a space in every movie lover's heart with its first installment. Now, the anticipation for the second installment- KGF Chapter 2 - is soaring with each passing day. We all have witnessed the tough side of the KGF star in the first part of the movie, but the fans of Yash may find it difficult to believe that the strong handsome hunk too once broke down.

Yes, though it is hard to believe, it is true- Yash broke down and his eyes were filled with tears! But, it is not a scene from his upcoming flick; in real life, Yash did cry and it showed how loving as a father he is and such a great person.

Fans are probably aware of the dotting dad Yash. If not he, his wife Radhika Pandit keeps sharing some adorable pics on Instagram. Radhika has previously shared some adorable pics of their daughter-Ayra. Baby Ayra is just 8 months old but has become the talk of the town.

A few days back, Radhika shared an adorable pic after Janmashtami when star baby Ayra had her ears pierced. The pic was quite adorable but the story posted with the pic by Radhika will melt your heart.

When baby Ayra got her ears pierced, she started crying in pain. Seeing his baby crying, Yash's eyes were filled with tears.

Radhika wrote, "We got Ayra’s ears pierced.. one of the most difficult things to witness in life as parents. Our hearts broke to see her cry so much! For the very first time I saw tears in Rocking Star’s eyes.. made me realise how precious these bonds are. Not to worry both dad and daughter are doing fine now!!"

We knew about the sturdy and roughness of Rocky Bhai and also we are aware of the dotting dad-Yash, but this was something different than the usual. Indeed, all respect for KGF star Yash.

KGF Chapter 2 shooting is on full speed after it was halted following an interim court order. Reportedly, the entire team has resumed shooting at sets of Hyderabad and Bangalore that were created for the project. With the inclusion of Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, anticipation for the movie has went overboard.