Ira Khan Reveals Her Saturday Night Fantasies & Reality Is Hilarious (Must See)

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan no longer requires her father’s name for getting recognition. The young girl has already become a sensation through her photos, videos, and affair related news. The star kid has been sharing almost every bit of her personal life on the internet and fans cannot stop raving about her.

Ira Khan Shares Saturday Night Fantasy

On Saturday, the young star who is all set to debut with a theater show produced by actress Sarika shared a hilarious post on her Instagram handles captioned “Saturday night expectation vs reality.” In her first two photos, Ira is seen wearing a black and red fur dress with a glass of wine in hand. Her overall appearance is pretty vogue with smoky eyes and stilettos enhancing the effect further.

But it is her third picture that hits you hard and gets you rolling with laughter. In this third picture, Ira Khan is seen in her PJs working with papers and pens sitting on her couch. Well, in this way she wants to hint how busy she is in directing the play which is an adaptation of Euripides’ Greek tragedy Medea.

Apart from Yuvraj Singh’s wife Hazel Keech, other star cast includes Ira’s brother Junaid Khan, Sabreen Baker, Nolan Lewis, Varun Patel, and Divyesh Vijayakar. It is, however, not clear as to who will be doing which role. The ancient Greek tragedy Medea was written by Euripides and is based on a myth of Medea and Jason. The play was first staged in 431 BC and centers on the former princess of Colchis, Jason’s wife, Medea. Jason leaves Colchis for a Greek princess of Corinth.

This enrages Medea and she takes revenge by murdering the new wife of Jason as well as her children. Later on, she escapes to Athens for making a new start in life.