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FKS will be a turning point for me: Sharman

Mumbai: Thrilled about his first solo film as a hero in 13 years of his career, actor Sharman Joshi has said `Ferrari ki Sawari` will change his standing in the film industry and he would get more and better work in future.

Sharman made his debut in 1999 with `Godmother`. "I think this film will change my standing in the industry…for sure, no questions about that. And it will happen because the film is good," Sharman told PTI.

The actor said he had put in a lot of effort for the role of a Parsi father in `Ferrari ki Sawari` and worked on the minutest of details to get into the grip of the character. "I think I will benefit out of it. It is going to be loved and appreciated and the numbers (box office collections) will do the talking," Sharman told PTI.

"And when the numbers do the talking it will give me some commercial standing, which will be stronger than what I am today," he said.

During his 13-year career, Sharman has acted only in about 15 films and he insists that it is because he wants to do quality work. "Quality films and great cinema is what I believe in. Numbers will then reflect. I don`t want to be part of films which are designed to appeal at the box office first…it should be like they are designed to be great films and they happen to work at box office," he said.

`Ferrari ki Sawari` is a heart-warming tale of unconditional love between a father, played by Sharman, and his son. It is about the young boy`s dream to play cricket at the coveted Lords stadium.

"When we were working on `3 Idiots`, Rajesh Mapuskar (director of `Ferrari ki Sawari`) had already started working on this script. When I heard the title I found it catchy and interesting. He told me the story and I fell in love with it. I was hoping to be part of the film but I knew it won`t be easy for me as other actors were also considered," Sharman said.

Getting his first solo project was not a cake walk for Sharman, as he had to work hard on several aspects – from putting on weight for his character of a Parsi father to getting the nuances right.

"It was after one-and-a-half years I got a chance to audition, Rajesh was concerned if I could do the role of a father or not, as I looked younger. I did 30 to 40 auditions and worked on emotional quotient, physical aspect and traits of the character, so that my dialogues and all come out shinning. I spent a lot of time with Parsi community. All this took some doing and thankfully I got hold of it correctly and I was awarded with this role," the actor said.

"In case of physical aspects, like Parsis have sharp nose, thankfully I have a sharp nose, so I did not have much of a problem. Then we had to work on hair and used spectacles. Also I had to put on around 10 kgs of weight, we tried using prosthetics but then we thought we will do it on own. We tried many permutations and combinations. We wanted a paunch, so for that I gained weight. We worked on all small things," he said.

On if this perfection came from Aamir Khan, as he has worked with him in two films `Rang De Basanti` and `3 Idiots`, Sharman said, "No, I don`t think so, I have been working for so many years and I like to do it in my style. Like if I am excited while reading the script I go for it. I have to like and love it and give it all that is required. For this film, it was all the more challenging and exciting. I think I have pulled it (my role) off well. It became a satisfying experience for me," he added. Also starring Boman Irani, the film releases on June 15.

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