Catherine Zeta-Jones punched in the face by photographer

Los Angeles: Her day began with a knighting ceremony at the Buckhingham Palace but Hollywood beauty Catherine Zeta Jones was allegedly punched in the face by a paparazzo by the end of it.

The actress and husband Michael Douglas, 66, became embroiled in the scuffle as they headed back to their hotel after a dinner to celebrate the honour of Commander of the Order of the British Empire, bestowed on her by Prince Charles earlier that day, reported Entertainment Tonight online.

Trouble began when the stars exited their car at their hotel and had to struggle their way through a horde of snappers waiting at the entrance to their residence.

In video footage of the brawl, Zeta-Jones can be heard shouting, "How dare you punch me!" at an overzealous paparazzo as they enter the hotel lobby.

"I want a police officer right now. He punched me! The guy coming in here, he punched me!" the actress is heard as saying in the footage.

Douglas rushed to his wife`s defence by grabbing the photographer and pushing him as hotel security rushed to separate the two men.