Call Of Duty Controversy & Revolt Online: Here’s Why It Is Happening

“Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare” released very recently was not received as well as expected. Keeping aside the entertainment quotient, the game has rather triggered off controversy to the extent of inducing revolt online. But why should this happen with a video game update that was awaited so much? Here is the real reason!

“Call of Duty” Introduces Russian Villain

As you watch the game unfold in front of your screen, the player called Farah Karim runs through the streets in what seems to be a fictional Urzikstan. She sees that the Russian soldiers are massacring fellow civilians. In the same instance a soldier who is also very much eager to get his hands on Farah and her brother, guns down their father.

The little girl has a lot of grit and shoves a screwdriver in her hand forcefully in the stomach of the soldier and kills him with his rifle. The entire brutal scene was criticized by detractors in America whereas in Russia it has been an altogether different story. The portrayal of the Russian soldiers as villains has irked the citizens of this country who called for boycotts and even forced live streamers to part ways with the promotional deals with the game publisher Activision.

One of the influential gamers in Russia Ilya Davydov who has more than half a million Twitch followers backed out of his deal with Activision Russia to live stream Call of Duty in the upcoming six months on October 25, just two hours before the release of the game. He decided after watching a portion of the missions.

According to many US gamers, the developers have failed in their effort to produce a positive gaming entertainment and have come up with a messy and complex story showing Nazis and terrorists. It is a big setback to the game which the developers expected to hit huge in its latest version.