Sangati Jogwar

“Baahubali” actress Anushka Shetty is currently busy in her upcoming movie “Nishabdham” in which she plays the role of a mute. As per reports, the actress underwent special training to ensure that she gets all the sign languages right on the screen. The film also stars R. Madhavan who will be playing the role of a blind celebrated musician Anthony whereas Anushka is portraying the character of a painter.

Anushka Shetty In Glamorous Look

Interestingly, almost a month ago, the actress was body shamed for being fat and adding weight post-release of “Baahubali.” But her latest pictures reveal a hot and svelte figure in a revealing top that indicates that Anushka has worked hard for this new sexy body.

Even the posters of “Nishabdham” give a hint that the actress has lost that chubbier look and appears to be slim and very much a part of the sophisticated character of Sakshi which she is playing.

It seems Anushka does have a tendency to put on weight and has to keep a tab on her diet and workout or else she gains weight very easily. Post “Baahubali” she did lose a lot of weight but after a few months gained it back. So, when a Telugu portal posted pictures that showed her with double chin, bloated and tired, many believed that the actress has indeed gained weight.

But fans of the 37-year-old “Arundhati” actress defended her and gave a fitting reply to those who were body-shaming her. They even said that the actress lost the weight following a healthy and natural lifestyle instead of adapting any crash dieting or funky weight loss methods.

It should be noted that Anushka Shetty has also written a book in collaboration with her fitness guru Luke Coutinho titled, “The magic weight-loss pill” that offers 62 lifestyle changes for losing weight naturally.