Adele music helping me play Snow White: Kristen

London: `Twilight` star Kristen Stewart used Adele`s music to help her conjure up massive fantasy scenes in her head for her new Snow White film.

The 21-year-old actress says she had to use her imagination for many of the ambitious battle scenes in the film `Snow White & The Huntsman`, and songs like Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You helped her choreograph them in her head, reported Contactmusic.

"I listen to things that have to do with the movie I`m shooting. I`m doing Snow White right now and I`m pretty wrapped up in her. I`ve choreographed whole marches with my army behind me to Adele`s new album.

"It`s really good for the story. It`s almost oddly too good for it; like it hit the nail right on the head. She`s incredible," she said.