Cassian Baliarsingh

Grisly details are emerging everyday in connection with the gruesome murder of Shraddha by her live-in partner Aftab Ameen Poonawala. Now, fresh reports reveal that Aftab would have killed Shraddha 10 days before. 

If sources of Delhi police are to be believed, Aftab had planned to kill Shraddha 10 days before, but an emotional moment saved her. This was barely two weeks after they had moved to Delhi. 

According to NDTV, 10 days before her murder on May 18, the two had a fight as Shraddha suspected him of cheating on her. Sources further added that Shraddha was upset because his feelings had changed even after they had been together for three years after meeting on Bumble. 

While Shraddha was thinking of marriage and had left her family to be with him, it was just another relationship for Aftab.

Aftab would have strangled her 10 days back during the fight but Shraddha became emotional and started weeping following which Aftab hesitated.

However, he reportedly sat on her chest and strangled her after they again fought on May 18. The next day, he chopped her body into 35 pieces and stored the parts in a new fridge.

On the other hand, a sneak peek into their social media handles show two different personalities. Aftab was a food blogger with over 28,000 followers on Instagram while Shraddha wasn't very active on Instagram.

She described herself as a wanderer and most of her posts had portraits of her in scenic locations, accompanied by one-line captions.

On May 11, a week before her murder, she posted a picture of herself, reading a book in Himachal Pradesh. The caption read, “Exploring more and more every passing day.”

Prior to that, she had also posted a reel posing by the Ganges in Uttarakhand's Rishikesh. Her caption read, “After a long tiring day of travelling 1500 kms i decided to end my day with a view, possibly a sunset. Walked down to the banks of Ganga in Vashisht gufa. Who knew that this was a calling for me, sitting at the absolute serene banks of Ganga...''

Notably, Delhi police managed to crack the murder mystery because of Aftab’s web of lies. Police said Aftab used Shraddha’s Instagram account to keep in touch with her friends to avoid suspicion.

He had also made her bank payments and had transferred Rs 54,000 into his own account. So far, police have managed to recover 10 out of the 35 pieces of her body.