The prices of petrol and diesel play the most significant role in deciding the rate of all commodities in the market. Fuel prices see big changes only when the Centre and the OMCs revise the charges but also witness marginal variations depending upon several factors such as local taxes, VAT etc. Keeping tab on the daily rate of fuel goes a long way in helping you save more, so make sure you hop into our bazaar section to see the prices of petrol, diesel across Odisha daily.


Name Today's Prices Changes
Balasore 103.20 ₹/L ₹ 103.20
Nabarangpur 108.13 ₹/L ₹ 108.13
Puri 103.47 ₹/L ₹ 103.47
Malkangiri 108.92 ₹/L ₹ 108.92
Cuttack 103.71 ₹/L ₹ 103.71
Bhubaneswar 103.19 ₹/L ₹ 103.19
Jharsuguda 103.31 ₹/L ₹ 103.31
Koraput 107.79 ₹/L ₹ 107.79
Rayagada 107.32 ₹/L ₹ 107.32
Jajpur 103.66 ₹/L ₹ 103.66
Sundargarh 10353 ₹/L ₹ 10,353.00

Disclaimer: Vegetables and grocery prices may vary between markets, shopping malls /super markets and retail shops. The prices are based on the availability and rates quoted by the retail vendors at Chhatra Bazaar, Cuttack.