Fruits are a wonderful source of energy and are loved by one and all. With frequent changes in their rates, it becomes handy when you get to know their prices before hand, right on your mobile phones.


Name Today's Prices Changes
OrangeOrange 70 ₹/Kg ₹ 0.00
GuavaGuava 100 ₹/Kg ₹ 0.00
AppleApple 120 ₹/Kg ₹ 0.00
PomegranatePomegranate 120 ₹/Kg ₹ 5.00
GrapesGrapes 180 ₹/Kg ₹ 0.00

Disclaimer: Vegetables and grocery prices may vary between markets, shopping malls /super markets and retail shops. The prices are based on the availability and rates quoted by the retail vendors at Chhatra Bazaar, Cuttack.